Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have you ever wondered about the nature of explosions?  Have you ever wondered about the effects of them and how they hurt and destroy and seem to bring chaos to the lives of everyone around them for that moment in time?  How they have reprecussions that are lasting and that we sometimes don't realise until long after the event has taken place?  How they cause us to sit up and pay attention, to shift and change things in our lives  whether we are directly or indirectly affected by them?

In both the natural and spiritual worlds explosions are cataclysmic events. In the natural world they can casualties, severely and not so severely wound people, they scatter and cause damage but they also clear the area in order that newness and change can take place.  After the debris has been cleaned away then process and procedures are looked at and new ways of doing things come to light. 

Well, this morning I saw one during my worship time and it was profound but instead of being a negative event it was a positive one in the lives of the saints and the people they interact with daily, and those that have been assigned to them while they travel through this world.    Have you heard the saying "grow where you are planted?" well that is what this particular explosion was about.  As a saint God has placed you on a particular path in a particular place for such a time as this.  If you have not arrived at your destination you are on your way there so in the mean time grow where you are planted because just as trees grow up out of the ground so do explosions grow and when they are activated they shoot up and spread out and affect those around them. 

I hear EXPLOSION!! All around me there is a BOOOM! in the spirit realm and it is taking place all over the world.  We (the saints) are the epicenter and where ever He has placed you, whether, its business, ministery, education, finance, music, homemaker the list is exhaustive but you get the idea. STAY and GROW eventually there will be an explosion and the effects will be cataclysmic in the lives around you.  You are a catalyst, a conduit, a pipeline from God to the world so stay connected

Always remember there is never change or progression without friction.

And the very God of peace will guard your heart and mind. 

Have a wonderful and Blessed day!!