Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful!!!"

Hello folks it has been a longtime since I have written anything.  Let me just say "life happens".  Anyway, there are so many interesting things going on in the world today and our lives are the same.  We are ever changing, ever evolving and growing and discovering our true selves.

When I was walking home today the slogan "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful" popped into my head.  If you are anything like me this is significant.  The words are words of encouragement to help me keep pressing on when doubt or fear or anxiety sets in because you are attempting something new.  You have never been this way before so the tendency to back up or move cautiously is there.  But I believe when you have found the one thing you believe is destiny or purpose or at least the door has begun to open and you begin to see the steps,  Being Bold, Being Brave and Being Beautiful are the right things to hear.

Be Bold
Bold means to be FEARLESS -To me that means go after it even if fear is present.  Meet people, talk to them, go out experience life, get out of your comfort zones, get out of your box.  DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT than your normal routine.  Go with the flow and RELAX.

Be Brave
Brave means to show courage.  Remember the lion in the Wizard of OZ he asked the wizard for courage not realizing that he had it all along? He was faced with many challenges on the journey to see the wizard and at each point he came through and was able to conquer the enemy and help his friends reach their goal.  See thats how our lives are. I don't believe any of us are fearless in fact I believe that its there to keep us motivated and moving forward.  We will always have challenges, but take courage and realize that every hurdle we pass over and every obstacle that moves out of your way is a step towards your destiny.  It  also helps you build muscle to get past the next challenge that comes along.

Be Beautiful
"As a man thinks in his heart so is he".  Beautiful speaks for itself.  Beauty is not only skin deep so look beyond the outward appearance and see what God sees.  He sees all of us as beautiful and none of us as ugly. After all, we are made in his likeness and image and everything He made He called good.  Speak to yourself, tell yourself, look in the mirror everyday and say I am Beautiful no matter what you see.  For God makes everything beautiful in its season.

Remember we are not meant to walk alone or do things by ourselves, and whether you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, Angels or not,  we have a companion that was given to us who is available and waiting for you to say HELP!