Friday, October 28, 2011


The blueprints are drawn, the site has been selected and approved, now all that he has envisioned is about to be put into place, about to be built.  He goes to the site one more time and considers the empty space.   As he stands and considers the space and the place, he looks at the blue prints laid out before him on the hood of the car. At this point he has his greatest moment of clarity. A vision is given and he sees his building at all stages of development. 

He sees the materials: the blocks, the steel beams, the tools, the piping, the air condition ducts, the electrical wiring, the plumbing, the windows, the doors, paint, the furniture, the tiles, the carpeting and all the other things that would go into the construction of the building.  Like a conductor or master puppeteer he begins to create. 
He sees the raw materials begin to take shape.  He sees the floors get poured, the plumbing pipes laid, the electrical wires run for every room.  He sees the drywall go up, the plaster smoothed on the walls with loving care and pride.  He is patient because he knows it must be built with precision and care with love and it must be built strong.  So it will stand the test of time.  He builds each piece precise, each part perfect, He builds.  7 stories high this building.   It will be his greatest masterpiece yet. Not because of size or technology mind you but because it is unique in design, special, different from any of the others it will stand alone.

As he builds he removes useless things, empty spaces, things that are redundant, that are not needed.  He continues to build, to pass inspections and past delays.  He builds letting nothing stop him or get in his path.  He is relentless in his pursuit of the vision, of the dream, of the plan.

Finally, finally it’s completed. He looks back at what it took to get to this point, the pain, the sacrifice, the stress, to bring this vision to reality.  He smiles because it was worth it all.

Now he sees the people as they come to occupy, as they move in.  Excited to live and work in this new shiny magnificent building.  For a while as he watches, they take pride in it, they take care of it.  Then the building begins to get old, it isn’t shiny and new anymore, it begins to deteriorate and the people, who were once proud, don’t check anymore.  They take it for granted, kick it, scream at it, treat it terribly and neglect it.It begins to fall apart, the plumbing fails, the electrical is faulty.  There have been no upgrades, no proper maintenance.  They leave and the building sits there seemingly without hope, without life, with no one to look after it or to care.  But there is a light, there is hope!

He is sad to see something so beautiful go to waste. But he knows that his building is special and unique and different because he is building it with HOPE, FAITH, LOVE for these are the fabrics, the blocks, the cement, the material, the foundation that will with stand the bad treatment, the vagaries of the weather, the neglect, the rejection, the abandonment, all the pain, bitterness, anger, resentment and hurt.  That`s what the light is HOPE, FAITH, LOVE.

As the vision closes and though he is sad to see what happens in the future, he gives the contractor the nod to break ground, yes build it!  He is compelled to build it, because already there is a new vision, a new building to create, to build and he must keep going.  He must build it, he is compelled to because …… Love DEMANDS IT!