Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RIPPLES (Shifts)

2 September, 2012

Have you ever dropped a pebble in a pond, or skipped rocks on the water, or just dropped something in a sink or bathtub full of water? Sometimes there’s a splash and then come the ripples and as you watch them they spread out and get bigger and wider from the center until you can’t see them anymore.  

Well, have you ever considered the things you are doing that spread out and have far reaching affects on the people around you, the ones near and the ones far?  Have ever considered the thing that you dropped into the water and how that affects your foundation, because ripples don’t only go wide they go deep as well.  We never think that the thing we do first drops and then spreads out.  It becomes a part of our very foundation and then it spreads out into time and eternity and affects every aspect of our being. 

Consider this… if you were a child whose parent never told you that they loved you then what do you do?  You would go looking for love in all the places right or wrong seeking someone to love and accept you.  This one act, as simple and as complex as it is will affect everyone you come into contact with.  Because you are looking for love, sometimes your behavior may not be real because you want to be loved, so you do whatever they want so they will love you back.  And so it is with a person who is loved and affirmed all their lives by parents and extended family.  Ripples make fundamental changes to our very psyche.  A kind word causes a ripple, a word said in anger, bitterness, hatred causes a ripple.  A smile, a thank you, a gesture can change a mind-set or shift an act of violence.  You never know. 

Let us be mindful of the ripples our actions cause because if you don’t deal with the cause and affect perhaps your children will who knows. 

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