Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am hear to tell you that you can take a look at yourself  in the mirror, You can face it, You can face your stuff
You can get through it.

When everything goes to hell in a hand basket and it seems that the world, family, friends etch have turned against you or just simply abandoned you. 
You can get through it.

When you have been stepped on, mistreated, Money acting funny change looking strange, bills due, children lost their minds and getting on your nerves. 
You can get through it!!

When that loved one dies and your world has shifted off its access
You can get through it!!

When everything is topsy turvy and you  can’t seem to see the up from the down
You can get through it!!

Especially when you don’t even know what’s wrong and you are just feeling blah
You can get through it!!

Close your eyes take a breath, Just BREATHE. And then go ahead EXHALE! Acknowledge this moment.  Acknowledge the challenges but breathe and remember this is just one moment in time.
Open your eyes, look in the mirror and TELL yourself I can get through it

How? One day at a time, one step at a time, one moment at a time.

So know this that no matter what it is or how long it takes

Be blessed my brothers and sisters.  Only a little while longer and
YOU WILL Get through it!

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